We create beautiful, inspired spaces. Whether the scope and scale are expansive or we are procuring a singular piece of art, we have an established, practiced methodology. We define your intention, create the vision and manifest the reality in your environment. We respect your budget and functional requirements in our artistic process. It is a well rehearsed energetic process.


We collaborate in the vision, from the initial design concept and intention to installation. We capture the essence. Whether it is a modern corporate lobby, a tranquil hospital waiting room, or natural elemental spa, we realize that art effects mood and conveys emotion. It is an essential component to our expression. We appreciate the subtleties. That is our passion.

The essence 

What lies beneath


Principal Buyer; Ritz Carlton Chicago


“As a collector I respect the energy of art and the financial investment. I believe that art has to be experienced. We flew to their gallery and purchased several paintings. They had an assortment of art ranging from impressionistic to abstract, based on our preliminary conversation." 

We work extensively with interior decorators and architects. We appreciate that the art should align to the design and intention for the space. We serve as a compliment to the major creative forces. 


Allow us to collaborate with you on your vision! We work with private clients, interior decorators, architects and builders. We fuse a modern and ancient methodology, incorporating technology and design analysis with a more instinctive energetic balance. 


We are confident that we can incorporate fine art that will provoke the imagination and transform the space. We use our industry background and inspired artists to produce high vibrational, beautiful environments. 

"There is no must in art because art is free." 

Wassily Kandinsky

We serve you

You have your own STYLE

Inspired Installations

When people view the suspended installation, Rise Above Plastics: The Butterfly Effect, they are first mesmerized by hundreds of butterflies gently spinning and reflecting the light. When they notice that in unison the butterflies form a human figure, emerging from a chrysalis, with butterflies of change flying from her heart, they are experience awe. When they hear the story of how the installation was created with up-cycled plastic trash, by 700 children, it is profound. The suspended installation is a message of hope and inspiration, of personal choice and empowerment. The installation prompts the audience to ask questions and examine their own actions and lifestyle. 

If you have a business that would like to create an installation that is powerful and artistic with a message ... we do that! When working on a project about plastics in the ocean, up-cycled plastic is the obvious choice. Artistic installations can be creative, altruistic and captivating. The inclusion of a diverse population in the creation of the art is engaging energetically. It adds an authenticity, inspiring the audience to make a positive change in their own lives. It allows the audience to relate to the subject matter from a new perspective.

Atul and Birage Tandon; Clients


“Essence Arts worked with us to conceptualize two large paintings for the living space in our home. We had the unique experience of meeting the artist in his studio as he was working on our paintings. His paintings have filled our home with joy, a personal resonance." 

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Human figures have compelled artists for centuries. Art is a means of communicating human experiences. Human bodies have been depicted in various mediums. A sculpture can transform an awkward space to a showpiece - capturing our attention. The art compliments our environment and conveys the energy infused in the creation. 

"Inside each piece is a story … the story of the tree, of the storms and the wind, the flood, the waves, the journey. This is the story that I long to hear, that I hope to set free in each sculpture that I create. It is not my story. When you look at my sculptures, hear the storm, see the waves, and imagine the standing people with their hair flying in the wind."

Crystal Lockwood, Sculptor

The Human Form

“We created an elemental garden with Essence Arts. We employed them to locate artists to produce diverse art that represented earth, water, fire and air. The art is vibrant and powerful. The art was installed in an indoor and outdoor space. Their use of energetics was critical. It is an interactive meditative art space - a creative environment."


S. Martin; Client


Diverse projects with JA Felt: Whether it is the use of felt for sound abatement in The Venetian's installation "Cut" in Vegas or an experiential environments with "The Nest" in the Kennedy-Weiden Center, art is nothing short of alchemy.


The green sofa installation at the Gates Foundation is a more traditional offering. The site specific permanent installation
"The Bar at the Edge of the Earth Cruise Lines" has a more elaborate design objective ... to transform the premier lounge of two premium cruise ships into an other-worldly environment to serve as the setting for an interactive Cirque du Soleil Experience.

Our participation started with the design and creation of the Felt which was used for projection screens, entrance curtains, tent fabric, interior screens, furniture, and a complex fabric art wave installation on the ceiling. As the project evolved, our participation grew to include the design and fabrication of several hanging systems.


Felt and ALCHEMY
B. Whelan; Cirque du Soleil


JA is an artisan and fabric supplier that Cirque du Soleil holds in high regard. Her dedication to the project is without reproach and from an artistic perspective she has delivered with passion and professionalism.” 

Since colors absorb or reflect light differently, a slight variation in shade or tone can alter the energy or mood of a space. Fine art is not simply a matter of color, but intention. It can have a profound effect on an environment.


"I found I could say things with color and shapes that I couldn't say any other way - things I had no words for."

Georgia O'Keeffe

Essence Arts creates an elemental balance and symmetry in their environments. It is a celebration of the duality and depth of the natural world. Art simultaneously grounds us and elevates us. Art has an elemental harmony.


Color and Mood 

Artistic Intent

Art has a palpable intention. The passion of the artist is instilled in their creation. Their inspiration and intent effects the audience, it permeates the space.


Claude Monet had a fascination with how to visually represent light breaking on objects and how it scatters on water. He is famous for launching Impressionism. It was not simply his technique that defined him but his passion.


"People discuss my art and pretend to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love." Claude Monet


The artists that I have gravitated to and network with have a defining intention: to inspire us. They create beauty, both visible and invisble. 

T. Morgan; Client


Essence Arts is simultaneously expansive and structured. They had an ease and familiarity with the process. They were professional and scripted with a methodology that incorporated elaborate timelines, collateral and technology platforms. Their format allowed us to track artistic progress, modifications and ultimately insured success.” 

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