Art is powerful. It evokes in us responses that defy rational interpretation. We embrace that. We appreciate aesthetic but we inspire to create an environment that emotes. Art enhances our environment. There is a tangible effect. 

Artists, like patrons, have an intention. There is an inspiration to be consumed. That is what we gravitate to. We work to align you with artists that produce fine art of great beauty and vibration.

We are able to offer a cohesive art portfolio that will enhance your space, aesthetically and energetically. We have a well rehearsed methodology to integrate the art or artistic installation that resonates with you and your space. 

Make it personal

We have a well rehearsed methodology. We collaborate with clients to establish their vision and intention. Clients drive the process and the product.


We realize that you have stakeholders and that there has to be buy in. We create a platform that allows you to access a project website. The art and artists, design elements,

intention and vision are articulated and supplied as visuals. 

A collaboration


K. Taylor; Client 


“My husband and I purchased a beautiful painting that you procured for our home. We are both so delighted with it and are having a hard time doing much else but gazing at it. It seems to be alive as the light changes throughtout the day! It has brought us so much joy!”

L. Anderson; Interior Designer


“I share with my clients that art doesn't need to match your decor to work. There is a balance of subject, color and texture that inherently works or doesn't work in a space. Essence Arts appreciates the power of art and has a portfolio of talented professional artists. Whether I procure a piece to stand alone or a large installation, my clients love the process and the product." 

C. May; Children's


“Art has a critical role in hospital environments. Essence Arts appreciates that original art enhances the space energetically. It has a measured effect on the mood of our patients and their families.”

K. Wolfe; Interior Designer


“As an Interior Designer serving the tech industry, I try to incorporate the energy of original artwork. I love to procure interesting and powerful pieces for my clients. Essence Artsare highly professional and knowledgable. They produce art to enhance creative spaces, from chairs to installations."

“We commissioned Essence Arts to locate original art for our 24 luxury suites. The paintings (24 triptychs) were delivered and installed on schedule and are stunning. We subsequently worked with them to purchase several large paintings for the lobby." 

Lucky Eagle Casino 


S. Evans; Human Resources


“As an HR Director I am primarily concerned with our employees' motivation and productivity. I have found that enhancing the environment with original art has a tangible effect. I have partnered with Essence Arts to offer our employees creative inspirational spaces."

Red Door Design

"Time and time again I turn to the artwork of Essence Arts for my clients individual needs.  I have found that they employ a wide range of artists that offer a variety of art from contemporary to traditional. Whether it is luxury suites in a casino or a rustic lodge, they have art solutions."  


Human Nature



Whether you want to incorporate the raw beauty and elegance of a living edge conference table or integrate fine art fruniture in your offices, we can supply you with the perfect art.  


We have art that honors and celebrates the natural world and humanity. We specialize in integrating the harmony of nature in our designs. We incorporate fine art that resonates with you and your space, creating an environment of aesthetic beauty and energetic balance.

"The main thing is to be moved, to love, to hope, to tremble, to live.”

Auguste Rodin

We celebrate the NATURAL world


Design Solution

"When I work with Essence Arts I tap their diverse artist portfolio. They travel the fair circuit, attend shows, contact galleries and museums. They have established relationships and experience to deliver art that is perfect for our clients' space and budget." 

Nature Deficit Disorder is rampant. Our days are spent under fluorescent lights in manufactured environments. We stare at screens, consumed by an artificial and virtual reality.

Art can (re)connect us with our human nature and the natural world. It is a means of tapping into our subconscious. Whether it is the ancient alchemical substrate of wool or the illumination of light in glass, art resonates with a deep and fundamental human desire.


"We're so clued into modern technology and things that we're less observant about the world around us and our own nature."

Dr. Ross Cameron


Accessing NATURE in ART
K. King; Client 


"Several neighbors have procured art with Essence Arts. We have a neighborhood organization that we are very passionate about. We collaborated with Essence Arts to host an event at the country club. It was a wonderful evening. We were able to acquire more beautiful art and generate thousands of dollars for our charity."  

Do you love art? Do your friends? 

If you have a network of friends that would enjoy an evening of art, wine and conversation you are a candidate to host an art party. You generate funds for your favorite charity (10% of sales donated). You have a memorable evening celebrating the arts - not the average mixer. Essence arts supplies the art, a complimentary mix based on your personal taste. They produce the invites and promote the event. They create a platform to offer event information and track attendance. They collaborate with you on ensuring that you have a successful event on all fronts - whether it is a small private party or a more elaborate evening at a local venue.


"The essence of all beautiful art, all great art, is gratitude." Friedrich Nietzsche

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