THE ESSENCE; What lies beneath

We align environments

Essence Arts specializes in creating beautiful, high vibrational corporate and private environments by enhancing spaces with fine art. We work extensively with interior designers and architects. We analyze environments and tap our network of talented professional artists to install harmonious works of art. 


Art balances and compliments the existing design elements. We collaborate with clients on their vision and integrate the appropriate art, producing a cohesive, beautiful space. Whether you have corporate offices, medical facilities or a private residence, we can assist you in achieving perfect representation.

Vision to form - MANIFEST 

Energetic and aesthetic 

Our methodology is a duality, sophisticated and instinctual. Art has to resonate. Our process initiates with a deep dive into our client, not simply the space. We synthesize functional components and aesthetics with energetic resonance. We vision board, establishing intention and clarity. We manifest your artistic vision for the space, incorporating existing design elements. 


Essence Arts consists of a team of talented, passionate individuals. We manage the project from the initial contact to delivery and installation. We monitor progress and facilitate modifications. We work extensively to compliment the existing architecture and design elements, respecting your budget and functional requirements in our process. 


We have an expansive and cohesive artist portfolio. We offer a platform to promote artists. We network with talented artists that resonate with our vision and tap them as appropriate for our clients. Our commission is paid primarily by the artists that we curate. 

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others."

Jonathan Swift

J. Springer; Client

“I contacted Essence Arts on a referral from an associate. They aligned our corporate vision with beautiful vibrant art. It is a diverse but cohesive collection. Their passion for art and investment in the process was apparent.

V. Stevens; Client

“We commissioned a large installation from EA. They facilitated a dialogue with multiple stakeholders, ultimately allowing us to create a unified vision for the space. They managed the commission process, from design to delivery.”

T. Young; Client

“We hired EA to curate several pieces of art. I loved participating in the art acquisition. The art resonates on a very personal level."  

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